November 26, 2023

November 25th Tournament at HITTA

What an exciting day! After a week of training I got to participate in a GRR (Giant Round Robin) tournament followed by a blind-date doubles tournament. It was a fun-filled day with great competition and I am pleased with my performance. I made it to the finals in the C division and while I didn't pull off the win it was an exciting match! The last game went to 13/15 after I was down 6/10. I just wasn't quite finished playing 🙂

Doubles was also filled with quite exciting play. There was a three-way tie and my partner and I just missed moving on. At least it was my brother's team who beat us and forced the three-way tie who later went on to win the championship so glad it was him 🙂 He had some incredible match-winning points to help his team move on and ultimately win.

Looking forward to the upcoming Friends & Family tournament next month with my local club and Corpus Christie in January!

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